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American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding


The City of Urbana will receive nearly 13 million dollars as part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which was passed on March 11, 2021. The purpose of these funds is to support state, local, and Tribal governments in their response to and recovery from the COVID-19 public health emergency. To coordinate the public engagement that will inform ARPA fund priorities, draft a plan, solicit and review proposals, and ensure that processes and outcomes are properly documented and reported according to Federal guidelines, the City has entered into an agreement with the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission for staff support in administering the ARPA funds. 

Phase 1: Background Work and Synthesis of Priorities [Current Phase]

  • Compile information on regulations, existing City priorities, and priority gaps
  • Collect additional input 
  • Finalize Priorities 

Phase 2: Develop Concept Plan

  • Develop overall strategy and goals consistent with priorities
  • Define metrics that can measure progress 
  • Create a Concept Plan to serve as the City’s guide to the City’s strategy, goals, and process

Phase 3: Implement the Concept Plan

  • Outreach, education, and application recruitment
  • Process applicants, choose recipients, and document 
  • Fulfill ongoing reporting requirements


Opportunities for Community Input

There are multiple way to provide input on the desired uses for ARPA Funds.
1. The best way to provide public input is by completeting a short survey. The survey only takes a few minutes and will help provide an objective framework for collecting and analyzing community input.
Please take a momement to complete The Community Feedback Survey
The survey is also available in Spanish, French, and Chinese. Paper surveys are available at the Urbana City Building, Urbana Freel Library and Cunningham Township.
2. There will be an opportunity to provide input an upcoming City Council Meetings. There will be dedicated time for community input on ARPA funds at the March 14th, March 21st, March 28th, and April 4th City Council Meetings.
3. There will be an in-person 'townhall' dedicated solely to the use of ARPA Funds on April 5th.

Additional Information

For the most up to date and indepth information about ARPA funding, regulations, process, and project reporting please visit the City's dedicated ARPA Website hosted by the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.


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ARPA Public Input Plan.pdf


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