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MEA Savings Calculator Form Urbana Residents with Electric Heating: Use this calculator to determine your cheapest electric supply option.

Ameren's default rate depends on the amount of electricity you use.

  • The rate is lower for 8 months during heating season (Oct-Dec and Jan-May) for usage above 800 kWh/month.
  • If you have electric heat or use space heaters, you may be using more than 800 kWh in a month.

To use this calculator, you should enter your monthly electricity usage in kWh (usually your power bill has the past 12 months usage). The default electric supply rates (cents/kWh) for comparison entered here are the average Ameren summer and winter rates charged for 2018. Urbana's negotiated Municipal Electric Aggregation rate is currently 5.757 cents and will be 5.653 cents beginning June 2019.

Ameren Summer Rate:
Ameren Heating Season Rate for usage over 800 kWh per month:
Urbana Negotiated Rate:
January kWh:
July kWh:
February kWh:
August kWh:
March kWh:
September kWh:
April kWh:
October kWh:
May kWh:
November kWh:
June kWh:
December kWh:

Your estimated annual savings is:

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