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A subdivision is the division of a tract of land into two (2) or more parts, lots, parcels or tracts for the purpose of potential transfer or transferred ownership or other divisions of land for sale, development or lease.  There are two types of subdivisions:  major and minor.


A development which does not come within the definition of a minor development.  Major subdivisions require preliminary and/or final plats.  Preliminary Plat is a preliminary map, and supporting data, indicating the proposed layout of the subdivision or development in sufficient detail to provide adequate basis for review.  A preliminary plat establishes basic developmental design concepts and public improvements required to be approved through the final plat process.  Final Plat is a plat prepared for recording and meeting the criteria of regulations.


A development involving the subdivision of a parcel of land (or the resubdivision or lot-line adjustment of a previously platted lot or lots) into not more than five (5) buildable lots and which development has all necessary improvements and services (except for service connections and sidewalks) including streets, water, electricity, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers available at the site.

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