Police Goals & Objectives

  • Complete the Homeland Security Interagency Agreement
  • Improve our S.T.E.P. operation with an increase in the number of details at high traffic activity locations along with the implementation of a radar speed sign in high traffic areas such as school zones.
  • Expand community policing strategies
  • Reduce on-duty injuries through awareness and training programs
  • Reduce the number of squad car accidents
  • Expand annual in-service training and combine all training under one Division
  • A.R.M.S. agreement and begin the process of interface with new county computer system
  • Implement new primary radio system through cooperation with other METCAD agencies
  • Implement all ILEAS programs – i.e. Regional Weapons of Mass Destruction Team, mutual aid, gas mask distribution, etc.
  • Implement an active archiving program and reduce stored paperwork by 30%
  • Budget – maintain the level of service with a no growth budget
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