Urbana Directory

Name Staff Position Elected Office Board/Commission Membership
Curt Borman Assistant City Attorney
Office of the Mayor
Elizabeth Borman Assistant Human Resources Manager
Office of the Mayor
Civil Service Commission
Brandon Bowersox-Johnson Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Kevin Bowersox-Johnson Human Relations Commission
Brandon Boys Economic Development Manager
Community Development Services
Kate Brickman Public Works Administrative Assistant
Public Works
Michelle Brooks Assistant City Attorney
Office of the Mayor
Bill Brown Ward 4
Mike Brunk City Arborist
Public Works
Tree Commission
DeDe Bucher Legal Administrative Assistant
Office of the Mayor
Clark Bullard Boneyard Creekway Commissioner
Randy Burgett Housing Rehabilitation Coordinator
Community Development Services
Community Development Commission
Deb Busey Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Lee Buxton Firefighter Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Maria Byndom Plan Commission
Samuel Byndom Human Relations Commission
Michelle Carr Animal Control Officer/Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Police Department
Michael Cervantes K9 Officer
Police Department
Andrew Charles IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Shinjinee Chattopadhyay IDOT Traffic Stop Data Task Force
Joanne Chester Zoning Board of Appeals
Matt Cho
Celeste Choate Urbana Free Library Board
Jeff Christensen ARMS Policy Board
Phyllis Clark City Clerk
City Clerk's Office
City Clerk Cunningham Township Board