Urbana Directory

Name Staff Position Elected Office Board/Commission Membership
Barry Ackerson, Ph.D. Plan Commission
Barry Weiner Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Bart Bartels Sustainability Advisory Commission
Ben Fisher Professional Land Surveyor
Public Works
Beth Reinke Engineering Technician
Public Works
Beth Scheid Urbana Free Library Board
Bill Brown Ward 4
Bill Gray Director of Public Works
Public Works
Boneyard Creekway Commissioner
Bob Kleiss Market at the Square Advisory Board
Brad Bennett Assistant City Engineer
Public Works
Brad Houk Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
Brad Osterbur Operations Supervisor
Public Works
Brandon Bowersox-Johnson Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Brandon Boys Economic Development Manager
Community Development Services
Brian Cunningham Community Development Commission
Brian Nightlinger Fire Chief
Fire Department
Foreign Fire Insurance Board
Bruce Cubberley Arbor Manager
Public Works
Bryant Seraphin North Patrol Division Commander
Police Department
Carl Webber Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
Carla Tucker Computer Systems Programmer
Office of the Mayor
Carol Augspurger Tree Commission
Carol Bradford Human Relations Commission (HRC)
Carol Inskeep Urbana Public Television Commission
Carrie Welter Market at the Square Advisory Board
Cassandra Heldman Police Administrative Assistant
Police Department
Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee