Urbana Directory

Name Staff Position Elected Office Board/Commission Membership
Kelly Hartford Mierkowski Manager, Grants Management Division
Community Development Services
Community Development Commission
Elsie Hedgspeth Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Barbara Hedlund Public Arts Commission
Anne Heinze-Silvis Community Development Commission
Cassandra Heldman Police Administrative Assistant
Police Department
Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee
Chad Hensch Division Chief
Fire Department
Kyle Hensch Division Chief
Fire Department
Sanford Hess Information Technology Director
Office of the Mayor
ARMS Policy Board
Don Ho Administrative Assistant I
Theresa Hoffman Account Clerk I
Lew Hopkins Plan Commission
Elizabeth Horwitz Economic Development Specialist
Community Development Services
Tax Increment Financing Joint Review Board
Brad Houk Building Safety Code Board of Appeals
Cynthia Hoyle Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Wendy Hundley Administrative Assistant I
City Clerk's Office
Carol Inskeep Urbana Public Television Commission
Audrey Ishii Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission
Eric Jakobsson Ward 2
Monique James Police Services Assistant
Police Department
Mike Jannusch Firefighter Foreign Fire Insurance Board
David F. Jayme Civil Engineer I
Public Works
Frankie Johnson Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee
Samuel Johnson
Morgan Johnston Sustainability Advisory Commission
Rebecca Jones Customer Service Account Clerk