Full Urbana Directory

Name Staff Position Elected Office Board/Commission Membership
Kent Miles Market at the Square Advisory Board
David Miller Computer Systems Technician
Office of the Mayor
Mike Monson Chief of Staff
Office of the Mayor
Pat Moose Police Staff Assistant
Police Department
Jerry Moreland
Sylvia Morgan Deputy Chief
Police Department
John Morrison Public Arts Commission
Lisa Mosley Human Relations Commission
Andrew Murphy Operations Supervisor
Public Works
Traci E. Nally Civil Service Commission
Mark Netter Urbana Free Library Board
Brian Nightlinger Fire Chief
Fire Department
Alice Novak Historic Preservation Commission
Brad Osterbur Engineering Technician
Public Works
Dannie Otto
Gina Pagliuso Historic Preservation Commission
Esther Patt Mayor's Neighborhood Safety Task Force
Haywood Patterson Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee
Virginia Patterson Community Alternative Policing (UCAP) Advisory Committee
Mike Perkins Operations Supervisor
Public Works
Vivian Petrotte Building Safety Administrative Assistant
Community Development Services
Michael Phillips Fire Inspector
Fire Department
Doug Pipkins Police Officer
Police Department
Police Pension Fund Board
Marie Polk Urbana Public Television Commission
Jeffery Poss