Equity and Quality of Life Project

City of Urbana Equity and Quality of Life Project

The Equity and Quality of Life (EQL) Project is a capital program initiated by the City of Urbana to address small-scale public infrastructure needs, with an emphasis on underserved neighborhoods. The goal is to improve safety and promote health for Urbana residents in tangible ways through a series of small projects. 

What would make a big impact in your neighborhood?


Tell us. We are listening.

The purpose of the submission process is for community members, as well as City staff, to propose projects for consideration that will be ranked using the rating system that is included in this attachment. No monetary awards will be made to community members. Rather, the City of Urbana will be implementing these projects using either in-house resources or contracted services. The City is interested in hearing from residents what their priorities are for small changes that can have a large impact on their community. The maximum target size for an individual project will be $250,000, but the City reserves the right to exceed that maximum for a given project if circumstances warrant.

Think about: 

  • Travel Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • ADA Compliance

How to apply:

Fill out the EQL Project Submission Form, and then click on the submit button when done. It will go directly to us so we can consider your idea. Or you may simply save the form and send it from your computer to: If you prefer, you may also print the form and send it through the U.S. Mail to us for consideration: The City of Urbana, ATTN: Carol Mitten, 400 South Vine Street, Urbana, Illinois 61801. You may also request a paper form or pick one up at The Urbana Free Library. Thank you for taking the time to help us, help Urbana. 

Having trouble with the form? Go here:Troubleshooting the EQL Submission Form

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