MCORE Phase 5 Updates

About the Green Street Urbana MCORE Project 

Considered by many to be the major connection between the city of Urbana and the University of Illinois, Green Street from Wright Street to Race Street connects retail, residential, cultural and educational facilities. Project 5: Green Street—Urbana, along with the other projects within the Multimodal Corridor Enhancement Project (MCORE), will increase interaction among those who live and work in this micro-urban community by physically bridging the connection between the cities and the university and promoting environmental sustainability by upgrading various modes of transportation between the core population areas.

Project 5: Green Street –Urbana project from Busey Avenue to Race Street, which is under the jurisdiction of the City of Urbana, consists of proposed transportation enhancements designed to promote pedestrian, bicycle, mass transit and vehicular travel between the city of Urbana and the University of Illinois with the upgrade of the existing street infrastructure. Better roadway surfaces will be created by bringing the streets to a state of good repair. The improvements will promote walkable neighborhoods.

At the completion of this project, pedestrians will find walking easier with the inclusion of ADA accessible ramps and sidewalk improvements. Mass transit improvements along the MTD bus routes, such as pads, shelters, and real time bus schedule information will encourage bus ridership and make travel to bus stops more convenient for travel beyond the neighborhood. Designated bicycle facilities and improved roadway surfaces will provide a safe space for bicyclists along the roadway. Motorists will find travel easier with improved drainage resulting from curb and gutter repair and replacement. The improvements will reallocate space to encourage travel for all modal users along this corridor. The increases in mobility options created by better transportation systems will make access to jobs, healthcare and services easier for more individuals. Also, as part of this project, the next phase of the Urbana Signage and Wayfinding Plan will be implemented to provide directional signage for those exploring Urbana’s shops, architecture, restaurants, entertainment venues and special events. 

More on the Green Street Urbana MCORE Project  

Project Limits: Green Street from Busey Avenue to Race Street

Project Description: Transformation of Green Street to a complete street within the project limits.

For Pedestrians: Clearly defined street crossings supplemented with pavement markings and signs New American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalks and curb ramps Pedestrian drop-off points

For Bicyclists: New bicycle lanes on either side of Green Street

For Transit Users: New bus shelters New information kiosk

For All Users Including Motorists: Completely new concrete pavement between Busey Avenue and Race Street

  • Improved street and sidewalk drainage via storm sewer modifications
  • Recessed pavement markings and improved traffic control signage
  • New landscaping (trees and plantings)
  • Other Improvements: New sanitary sewer between Busey Avenue and McCullough Street New water main from Busey Avenue to Race Street
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