Youth Summit 

Youth Talk ... Adults Listen. Bringing parents, youth & agencies together to brainstorm ideas for afterschool & summer activities for Urbana Middle School & High School Youth. Click here to see the video.Javae' Wright, CEO of Lead4Life


The Mayor's Welcome Message

Approximately 65 people attended at least part of the conference, which was opened with a welcome from Mayor Laurel Prussing. Torance Douse, Choir Director of Urbana High School, and Javae Wright, CEO of Lead4Life, provided the audience with a high-energy musical opening that set the pace.




                  Breakout Session

The conference was structured to collect information about the needs of the youth in east Urbana.  There were a total of three break-out sessions during the conference. Initially, adults and youth were separtated to ensure that both were free to talk and share.  Then adults and youth were brought back together to share and discuss ideas and solutions to meet the needs identified earlier in the day. Large Group Discussion

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