Community Attractions

Downtown Urbana

There are many community attractions in the vibrant City of Urbana.
You can have a big life in our small city.

Arts & Culture 
The City of Urbana supports arts and culture, and fosters an environment where artists thrive and are valued in the community.

Food & Dining 
Both Urbana and Champaign were recognized by Midwest Living magazine's as the Greatest Midwest Food Town. Visit Champaign County also has a comprehensive list of local eateries, as well as other outside of ordinary things to do and see. We support accessible restaurants and dining experiences. Please find those here.

Market at the Square 
Our signature Farmer's Market has been growing a vibrant community since 1979, and is considered a destination in and of itself!

Museums & Exhibits 
Whether your taste is historical, art, nature, science-and the list goes on-the area's local museums will be sure to please.

Not only does Urbana have over 20 public parks, but we have a variety of programs and special facilities that contribute to the attractiveness of neighborhoods, conservation of the environment and overall health of the community.


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