COVID-19 Emergency Orders FAQs

Date: August 21, 2020 - 12:01am to December 31, 2020 - 11:59pm



The City of Urbana has issued Emergency Orders to address the heightened risk of COVID-19 due to a large number of students who are returning to campus.

Some frequently asked questions relating to these Orders are below.

EO 20-08 Phase 4 Operating Guidelines Concerning Seating and Occupancy in Bars & Restaurants and Face Coverings


  • When must face coverings be worn in your establishment? Patrons must wear face coverings when not eating or drinking and/or when leaving their seat.
  • Are patrons allowed to stand in indoor or outdoor areas? No. All patrons must be seated and must remain seated except for certain purposes.
  • What are the exceptions to seating? Use of the restroom, placing an order at a designated service area, picking up for carry-out, use of selected games, and entering and exiting establishments.
  • What about playing pool, darts, etc.? No more than 2 patrons are allowed to stand at a game or device at one time while maintaining proper physical distancing and wearing face coverings. Patrons must return to their seats when the game concludes.
  • Are there temporary age restrictions for any establishments? After 9:00 pm each day, the entry age shall be 21 and older for Class A establishments.
  • Who is responsible for enforcing the requirements of this Order? Each establishment is responsible for enforcement of the requirements. If you take reasonable efforts to require employees, patrons, and other individuals on the premises to wear face coverings, you will be in compliance.  Failure to comply with the Emergency Order may result in a fine. 
  • What are reasonable efforts?
    • Posting signage explaining face covering and seating requirements on the premises
    • Providing face coverings to those not wearing a face covering
    • Giving verbal warnings to those not following the requirements 
    • Request that a patron leave the premises if refusing to wear a face covering ⦁
  • Where can I download sample signage to promote safety at my establishment and obtain a list of suppliers for PPE needs? These resources and others are available at

EO 20-09 Guidelines Concerning Numbers of Attendees, Social Distancing, and Use of Face Coverings at Parties and Other Gatherings


  • What private properties are covered under the order? This Order includes any residential setting, building or unit located anywhere within the City, or common areas, backyards or parking lots related to any such residential setting, building or unit.
  • What is the maximum number of people that can gather for a party or social gathering in Urbana? Indefinitely, you may not host a gathering or party in your house or apartment for more than 10 guests, in addition to the people who live in the household. This limit also includes common areas, backyards and parking lots.
  • What social distancing and face covering requirements apply to parties or gatherings on private property? When you are unable to maintain social distancing, you are required to wear a face covering.
  • Who is responsible for enforcing the requirements of this Order? If the host fails to control the premises, and individual attendees do not maintain social distancing and face covering requirements, they may be subject to a ticket or a City fine for violating these orders. If you are a U of I student, you may also be subject to the University discipline system.   
  • Are there exemptions to this order? Businesses, day cares, religious houses of worship, residential drug and alcohol treatment facilities, residential medical facilities, elder care homes, homes for disabled individuals, residential prison reentry facilities, and free speech events on public property that are in compliance with regulations and guidance issued by the State of Illinois and its agencies shall be exempted from this Order.

Violations of Orders can be reported here:


By practicing social distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces you help keep our community safe. Thank you.

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