Tree City Urbana Encourages Careers in Forestry & Horticulture

Date: April 29, 2022 - 12:01am to 11:59pm

Since Urbana is a Tree City, we are very involved with our “urban canopy.” It’s little wonder that Urbana is one of 13 charter Tree City USA communities in the United States. See Urbana's Urban Canopy Inventory here. Managing this urban canopy is something the City of Urbana’s Arbor Division takes very seriously. The is Arbor Day, the City of Urbana would like to encourage those seeking a meaningful career to consider forestry managment or horticulture. 

There are many exciting careers in forestry management. Forestry management jobs involve all aspects of the forest lifecycle. There are many different career options in the Agriculture and Forestry industry, ranging from more manual labor-oriented positions to advanced scientific careers that require a great deal of education.

Being a horticulturist is a very important career, because without plants, our ecosystem would cease to exist. Horticulture is the science of growing and taking care of plants. Plants are an important part of the environment and our lives, sustainable production and use of plants helps the the environment and enriches our communities.

Some exciting careers include: 


Landscape Designer

Lawn care specialist

Production Management




Sales and Marketing

Government and Public Service

Parks and Gardens

Plant Technician

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