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R-7 Properties in Urbana

The R-7, University Residential District is intended to provide areas for dormitories and rooming houses near the University of Illinois, and to insure the longevity, architectural character, and use of the existing buildings in the district. While the R-7 district is intended to help preserve unique, old buildings used for student housing, the zoning regulations may sometimes make reuse and preservation of those buildings more difficult.

There are options available that can meet the intent of the district while allowing for more options to adaptively reuse the old fraternity, sorority, and rooming houses that make up the district. The City of Urbana is considering making changes to the R-7 zoning regulations that we hope will make it easier to preserve and reuse the buildings in the district.The Planning Division, in coordination with property owners and City officials, have begun a process to identify potential solutions to preserve the character of the district and ensure its long-term viability. The City of Urbana has begun public outreach to property owners in the R-7, University Residential District so that we can better understand the challenges that they face with our current zoning regulations. 

For the most current information or for any questions, please contact Kat Trotter in the Planning Division at or (217) 384-2440. 

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