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Want a brief view on Comprehensive Plan issues facing Urbana? Check out Examine Urbana. As the community is imagining Urbana and crafting a vision for the future, explore what Urbana is all about.


Much has changed since 2005! In 2021, there was an extensive and iterative effort to get the public engaged in the Comprehensive Plan survey. The process of collecting the public input was the results! Read the about what that process was, the results, and next steps for the Comprehensive Plan in the Community Outreach Summary.

Watch the Plan Commission or City Council to see a presentation from staff and comments from Commissioners or Council Members.


In September 2021, The Plan Commission reviewed and commented on a document that assesses the 2005 Comprehensive Plan. An analysis of what worked, what was accomplished, and what were some items that could be improved, were all covered in the 2005 Comprehensive Plan Assessment.

Why Does the City of Urbana Need a Comprehensive Plan? Go here to read the Comprehensive Plan Q & As



2005 Comprehensive Plan

The 2005 Comprehensive Plan was completed and adopted in the spring of 2005, replacing the former Comprehensive Plan which dated to 1982. The Comprehensive Plan provides goals and objectives by which land use, neighborhood preservation, economic development, transportation, social, environmental and quality of life decisions are made within the City and properties within 1-1/2 miles of the City limits.

The Comprehensive Plan Update process began in early 2001 with the formation of a Steering Committee comprised of 15 stakeholders in the community who have guided the City through the process with the support of the planning staff of the City of Urbana. Throughout the process, several reports were drafted. The Committee completed their work on February 17, 2005 by recommending approval of the draft plan to the Urbana Plan Commission for their meeting on March 10, 2005. The Plan Commission reviewed the plan and received public input over the course of several meetings before recommending approval to the Urbana City Council. On April 11, 2005 the City Council formally adopted the Comprehensive Plan.

Since initial adoption, there have been several amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Click here for information about these amendments.

Future Land Use Maps are available in PDF form will full notations, or as an interactive web map without any notations.

Click here for Future Land Use Maps PDFs with full notations.

Click here for the interactive Future Land Use map.

To receive a free copy of the plan in pdf format on a CD, please contact the City of Urbana Planning Division at (217) 384-2440. Print copies are also available at the City Clerk's office for $35 each. 


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