City Council

The City Council establishes laws for citizen welfare, determines policies that govern providing municipal services, and approves certain Mayoral appointments.

  • The City Council is composed of seven members, each elected from a different ward. See Ward Map
  • The Committee of the Whole meets twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Mondays.
  • The Council meets on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.
  • The City Council welcomes public input at all meetings.

Use this link to email all Council members:

Meetings Calendar

Council Rules, Orientation, and Procedures

Mayor/City Council Strategic Goals 2024-2025

Mayor/City Council Strategic Goals 2022-2023

City Council Ordinances and Resolutions

City Council Training

Archive of Council Meetings

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City Council Members

Contact Term Ends
Maryalice Wu Maryalice Wu [D]
Ward 1
(217) 377-6296
May 2025
Christopher Evans [D]
Ward 2
(217) 819-7806
May 2025
Shirese Hursey Shirese Hursey [D]
Ward 3
(217) 721-4176
May 2025
Jaya Kolisetty [D]
Ward 4
(630) 708-6305
May 2025
Chaundra Bishop [D]
Ward 5
(217) 721-7816
May 2025
Grace Wilken [D]
Ward 6
(217) 328-0091
May 2025
James Quisenberry [D]
Ward 7
(217) 282-0255
May 2025