CLOSED - Request for Proposals: Community Safety Review (Solicitation# 2223-05)



The City of Urbana is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide a detailed review of the methods for providing services related to community safety. The intent is to reconsider the traditional roles of public safety departments (specifically, police and fire) as well as other departments, as appropriate. The goal is to promote community safety and well-being in ways that minimize harm related to race, poverty, and other social factors.


The selected firm will have the qualifications and staff resources necessary to perform an analysis of existing conditions, research alternative models, prepare a cost analysis, and develop a transition plan. The successful firm will provide services for the City of Urbana as outlined under Scope of Services in the attached RFP document. The City is looking for a team that has expertise in both traditional public safety reviews as well as an innovative approaches to assist the City in developing locally-tailored recommendations gives operational needs, financial constraints, and multi-jurisdictional collaboration.


Interested parties should register here to ensure that they recieve all RFP documents and potential addendums.



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