City of Urbana Recognizes National Community Development Week

An Overview of National Community Development Week

National Community Development Week

Locally, Community Development Services at the City of Urbana have benefitted many with goods and services to help the quality of life for many residents. This year, National Community Development (CD) Week, April 13-17, 2020, provides the opportunity for communities to highlight the impact of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CDBG and HOME programs in a weeklong celebration with Congress, program partners, program participants, and the public. Here at home, over the past five years, the City of Urbana has received and distributed more than $2,250,000 in CDBG funds and $3,750,000 in HOME funds, which has provided its residents with important and flexible assistance through the  funding of neighborhood revitalization, housing rehabilitation, public improvements, and social services. Our Community Development team works very hard to help the community.  

The objective of National Community Development Week is to educate the community and Congressional Members about the CDBG and HOME programs, their impact on the community, and the need for increased program funding. Lawmakers will return to their states and districts for the week, giving you an opportunity to highlight the good work you do in your community using CDBG and HOME dollars.

National Community Development Week was created in 1986 to bring national attention to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program at a time when the program was facing scrutiny by Congress. The week-long celebration has expanded to include the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Program. National Community Development Week provides the opportunity for communities to promote, educate and advocate on behalf of both programs. It is intentionally held during the Congressional appropriations season to allow for a concerted grassroots effort and voice to be heard on the importance of both programs and their impact on communities nationwide. National Community Development Week drives local and national attention to the CDBG and HOME programs. It provides a united voice of support and harnesses the power of grassroots engagement to educate members of Congress and the community on the successes of the programs and their value to local communities.

The Administration’s FY21 Budget eliminates funding for CDBG and HOME. It is imperative that all communities that receive these resources participate in National Community Development Week. National Community Development Week will occur during a critical time when Congress is making decisions about federal program spending levels. Our organizations will be seeking increased funding for CDBG ($3.8 billion) and HOME ($1.5 billion) in FY21 and your participation in National Community Development Week helps tremendously in these efforts.

This information is brought to you in part by The National Community Development Association. 

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