Emerald Ash Borer Continues Threat to Urbana Trees; City Working with Property Owners on Identification and Treatment

Emerald Ash BorerThe City of Urbana estimates there may be as many as 500 ash trees on private property and is actively seeking and working with tree owners to treat sufficiently healthy ash trees that can potentially be saved from the effects of the Emerald Ash Borer. A total of 43 city and private property trees have been treated so far in 2017.

When City Arbor Division personnel spot an infected ash tree on private property, a bright green door-hanger is placed on the residence with further instructions. Property owners with ash trees are also encouraged to continually monitor the condition of their trees.

By City ordinance, an infected ash tree is considered a public nuisance and requires removal, however, if the ash tree is relatively healthy and no more than 30% defoliated, it may qualify to be treated through the Emerald Ash Borer Assessment and Treatment program (EABAT). This program was designed by City leaders to assist residents with identifying and managing infected ash trees on private property.

If the tree qualifies, a member of the City’s Arbor team will treat the infected tree on private property with the tree owner paying for the cost of the treatment. If 40-50% of the tree’s canopy is defoliated, it is probably beyond treatment and removal should be considered before the tree becomes brittle, more difficult/expensive to remove and starts to fall apart.

Urbana property owners interested in participating in Urbana’s EABAT program should complete the application and mail it to the City Arborist.

Please help us in our efforts to stop the disease from spreading and to preserve as many ash trees as possible. If you suspect EAB in a neighborhood tree, please contact City Arborist Mike Brunk at 384-2393.

Learn more about EAB with these resources.

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