City Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Over 50 individuals were recognized in late-October for their years of service as as employees of the City of Urbana. Employees honored include the following:

5 years of service

  • Cortez Gardner, Police Department
  • Cale Beccue, Public Works Department
  • Chris Buhr, Public Works Department
  • Bruce Cubberly, Public Works Department
  • Chris Gatsche, Public Works Department
  • Vincent Powell, Public Works Department
  • Troy Richmond, Public Works Department
  • Scott Tess, Public Works Department
  • Brian Hoff, Fire Department
  • Jacob Hutchcraft, Fire Department
  • Jeremy Leevey, Fire Department
  • Andrew Stewart, Fire Department
  • Natalie Kenny Marquez, Executive Department
  • James Simon, Executive Department
  • Brandon Boys, Community Development Department
  • Wendy Hundley, City Clerk's Office

10 years of service

  • James Kerner, Police Department
  • Sarah Links, Police Department
  • Paul Williams, Public Works Department
  • Rhonda Foster, Fire Department
  • Michael Jannusch, Fire Department
  • Chad Johnson, Fire Department
  • Roy Lane, Fire Department
  • Jason Rushing, Fire Department
  • LeAnn Augustus, Executive Department
  • Curt Borman, Executive Department
  • Elizabeth Borman, Executive Department
  • Jason Liggett, Executive Department
  • Patricia Smith, Executive Department

15 years of service

  • Jennifer Difanis, Police Department
  • John Collins, Public Works Department
  • Courtney Kwong, Public Works Department
  • Doug Logue, Public Works Department
  • David Osterbur, Public Works Department
  • Theresa Hoffman, Finance Department
  • Becki Jones, Finance Department

20 years of service

  • Mike Hediger, Police Department
  • Richard Surles, Police Department
  • Brian Willfong, Police Department
  • Charles Butts, Public Works Department
  • Fred Westhoff, Fire Department
  • Carla Tucker, Executive Department

25 years of service

  • Mark Clapp, Fire Department
  • Clint Weidert, Fire Department
  • Bill Gray, Public Works Department

30 years of service

  • Dawn Price, Finance Department

35 years of service

  • Karen Snyder, Police Department
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