Jason Liggett: The Face of Urbana Public Television

Jason LiggettTelevision. A medium of communication that is like no other. With television, you can see the things that you would not otherwise be able to see.

Jason Liggett, an employee at Urbana Public Television, offered his perspective on what it’s like to work in the industry.

The job that he works could be considered grueling by some standards. He has to be willing to work late nights or early mornings, and says that he needs to be very adaptive to succeed at UPTV.

“UPTV is somewhat unique in the field of PEG (Public, Education, Government) Access television stations in that we utilize all three components on the same channel with the same staff,” Liggett said.

“Many cities only allow government access programs on their channel. [They] have a separate nonprofit in town run a channel for public access, and the local school district is in charge of the education access channel. I’m in charge of the technical aspects for all three components which means a VERY busy schedule. I have to plan each day out a couple weeks in advance and try my best to stick to a daily agenda… which usually never happens. I have to adapt to the short term needs of the job.”

The Echo, Urbana High School's newspaper, interviewed Jason Liggett, UPTV's Production Coordinator. Read the full article here:


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