2009 Full & Partial Depth Concrete Street Patching Project

Estimated Completion: 
Oct 2009

This work consists of full and
partial-depth repairs of spalls, popouts, scaling, or other surface
distresses in concrete pavements on Race Street between Windsor Road
and Mumford Street, and on Florida Avenue between Philo Road and Vine

Current Status

The City entered into a contract with Stark
Excavating to perform the repairs. The parking has been removed from
Florida Avenue between Vine Street and Anderson Street to accommodate
traffic in those lanes. The center driving lanes are currently closed
while repairs are being made. The week of September 14th, the parking
and driving lanes on the north side of the street will be closed and
two-way traffic will be accommodated in the south parking and driving
lanes. It is expected that, beginning the week of September 21st, the
operations will move between Anderson Street and Philo Road and will
follow a similar schedule to what occurred between Vine Street and
Anderson Street.