Vine Street Storm Water Pump Station Rehabiltation Project

Estimated Completion: 
Sep 2009

The storm water pumps at the Vine
Street Viaduct Pump Station were last replaced in 1986 and have reached
the end of their design life of 20 years.

The pump station structure has experienced significant
deterioration. The concrete around the door, retaining walls, and top
of the structure have spalled with broken concrete and reinforcing
steel (rebar) visible. Most of the interior hatches, HVAC equipment,
lighting, and instrumentation/control are extremely corroded due to the
high humidity present inside the pump station. Additionally the
electricians have difficulty locating parts for the 20-year old control
panel and motor control center.

Rehabilitation of the pump station would include the following components:

  1. New submersible pumps on a rail system that can lifted out from
    the wet well from outside of the pump station. This will make it easier
    to maintain or repair the pumps and staff will not have to enter the
    wet well to remove the pumps.
  2. New pump control panel and motor control center mounted outside
    the pump station to replace the 20-year old existing electronics.
  3. Removal of corroded metal hatches, lead paint, mold, lighting
    fixtures, HVAC equipment, conduit, and control equipment inside of the
    pump station.
  4. Demolition of existing door, overhang, and retaining walls. Area
    in front of structure will be filled with dirt and planted with grass
    to hide front of pump station from traffic on Vine Street.
  5. Removal of existing pump station roof and top 2 to 3-ft of wall.
    New open grid grating will be installed over top of pump station.
    Access hatches will be installed in the grating to provide for
    personnel access and for lifting the pumps out. The pump station
    control room will be abandoned and become part of the wet well. The
    open grating will increase ventilation and reduce the humidity problem
    in the pump station.
  6. Remaining concrete structure would be patched where spalling has occurred.
  7. The discharge flume will be covered with a combination of metal
    grating and cast-in-place concrete panel to reduce the public safety
    threat of an accidental drowning in the flume.

The project cost is $240,000 and the Contractor is Duce Construction.

Current Status

The storm water pump station rehabilitation project is anticipated to begin in Summer 2009.

Impacts to Traffic

A lane of Vine Street may have to be
closed for short periods of time to facilitate construction equipment
on site. However, Vine Street will remain open to traffic at all times.
The Contractor will maintain at all times a sufficient number of
barricades, signs and flaggers as is necessary to ensure public safety.