Public Safety Review Begins

The City of Urbana is working with BerryDunn, a national consulting firm, to evaluate its public safety service delivery model.

This project involves considering which services are to be provided by the police and fire departments, and which services are more appropriate for an alternative response model. For this project, the City has outlined three distinct yet interconnected project phases:

  1. Understanding of Existing Conditions
  2. Review of Alternative Community Safety Models and Options
  3. Impact Analysis of Implementing Alternative Options

Conducting this comprehensive community safety assessment for the City requires a thorough review of information from both internal and external sources. In the coming weeks and months, BerryDunn will be conducting individual and group discussions with staff, key stakeholders, and the community. This process is expected to take about eighteen months to complete, intends to produce recommendations to guide the City in several operational practices, and will help shape how the City provides community safety services now and in the future.

To get involved or to track project progress, you can access the Social Pinpoint site that BerryDunn has set up for this project found here.

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