Downtown Public Realm Study

Why is the City of Urbana completing a Downtown Public Realm Study?
Downtown Urbana has been an important place for residents, students, and visitors over the years and recent investments in public amenities have had a positive impact on the urban fabric of downtown. However, the City realizes there is still work to be done in creating a vibrant downtown that serves the surrounding residents, university community, and the whole of Urbana. This study is an opportunity to engage the community to identify an actionable plan to improve the public realm in Downtown Urbana. 
How do I get involved?
There will be several opportunities to get involved in the Downtown Urbana Public Realm Study. Completing the mapping activity included on this web page is a great place to start. Then, be sure to check back frequently to either this website or the City of Urbana website to hear about upcoming public workshops and meetings. Lastly, the Consultant Team working on this project will be out and about, walking the streets of Downtown Urbana the week of July 18th. We'd love to hear from you - so if you see a group walking around with clip boards and taking photos, please say hello!

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