West Urbana Legally Non-Conforming Uses Inventory

In 1983, the City completed the West Urbana Zoning Enforcement Project in response to confusion over the legal zoning status of certain West Urbana addresses. The Project culminated in a land use inventory of the 627 structures in West Urbana that distinguished between legally non-conforming uses and illegally non-conforming uses. The West Urbana Legally Non-Conforming Uses Inventory and West Urbana Legally Non-Conforming Uses Map give an updated account of the legally non-conforming uses in the West Urbana neighborhood. Both the inventory and map include all addresses within the boundaries identified on the adjacent aerial photo: West Green Street (North), South Lincoln Avenue (West), West Florida Avenue (South), and South Race Street (East).

A non-conforming use is a use of land or structure that is not in compliance with the regulations of the present zoning ordinance. Legally non-conforming uses are those that existed before the current zoning regulations and were in compliance with a previous Zoning Ordinance. These uses may legally continue under the current Zoning Ordinance. Legally non-conforming uses may not be extended or expanded but may be maintained. If the non-conforming use of a building, structure, or land is abandoned for a specified time period or reverted to a current conforming use, it may be discontinued and the ensuing use must conform to the regulations of the current Zoning Ordinance.

For additional information on Nonconformities see Article X. Nonconformities in the Urbana Zoning Ordinance.

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