Commercial Stormwater Utility Credits & Incentives

Commercial properties pay a Stormwater Utility Fee based on the square footage of impervious surfaces on the property.  Commercial properties are also eligible for Credits to reduce their annual fee as well as Incentives.

Credit TypeCredit Amount
 Single Family / DuplexOther Properties
Runoff Rate ReductionNA20% max.
Runoff Volume ReductionNA20% max.
Runoff Water QualityNA10% max.
Direct DischargeNA50% max.
Education NA $5/student, 50% max.


Participation in the credits and incentives programs is mutually exclusive; credits and incentives will not be awarded to the same property. Those properties that are eligible for credits and incentives will have to choose between the two programs.

Incentive Type Maximum Amount
Rain Barrel¹$50
Rain Garden²$250
Runoff Rate Reduction²˒³$250
Runoff Volume Reduction²˒³$250
Runoff Water Quality²˒³$250
Total Incentive Available 



  1. Incentive is limited to two rain barrels per property once every 10 years
  2. Only one of these practices may earn the $250 incentive every 10 years
  3. Incentives are paid for 25% of the stormwater management practice construction cost, up to the indicated maximum amount


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