Employment FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How do I apply for jobs with the City of Urbana?

To apply for positions within the City of Urbana, log onto our Job Opportunities page and complete an online application.  We no longer accept paper applications for most positions.  If you need assistance completing an online application, please call the Human Resources division at: (217) 384-2451 or e-mail Femi Fletcher, Human Resources Generalist, at:

  • Can I sign up to be notified of future job openings?

If you wish to be notified of future vacancies, please sign up for electronic posting alerts at:  Complete the form with your name and e-mail and select as many or as few categories as you're interested in; when a job in any of those areas becomes available, we will send you an e-mail!

  • Is there a residency requirement?

For most positions, residency within the City of Urbana is not required.  However, for some public safety and department head-level positions, residency within a certain radius of the City is required.  Please check the position description for further information on whether residency is required.

If you are appyling for a civil service position, you may be eligible to receive additional points if you reside within the City of Urbana.  Please read carefully the application and supplemental questions for more information and instructions on how to apply for these preference points.

  • What is Civil Service?

For most full-time positions not included in a bargaining unit, the positions fall under the authority of the Urbana Civil Service system.  For more information, click here.

  • What is the difference between a minimum qualification and a desired qualification?

A minimum qualification is one that you must have in order to be considered for the position; if you do not have all of the minimum qualifications stated on the job announcement, we will not be able to pass your application onto the next step of the hiring process.

A desired qualification is not required to pass onto the next phase of the hiring process, so if you don’t have one or more of the desired traits, you will still be able to be considered.  However, the more desirable traits you have, the higher your application score will be.

  • In the Supplemental Questions section, can I upload my resume and answer "see resume"?

No; you will need to answer the questions in order for your application to be reviewed.  If you answer the questions with "see resume" or "see attached," we will consider this to be an incomplete answer.

  • How will you contact me?

We will contact you at the e-mail address that you have provided on your application.  Be sure and check your e-mail often once the position closes!

  • Do you only contact applicants for interviews and job offers?

We will always notify you of your status, even if you do not qualify for the position.  Be sure to check the e-mail account you listed on your application, as that is how we will contact you.  You may want to also check your “spam” folder, in case an e-mail from us was inadvertently directed there by your e-mail provider.

  • I received a notice that mentioned my “exam score,” but I never took an exam. What does that mean?

For some positions, we will score your application based on the Supplemental Questions section; this score is then used as your Civil Service exam score. 

  • What is a Civil Service Register?

A Civil Service Register is a list of applicants who have met or exceeded the passing score set by the Urbana Civil Service Commission for that position.  Only applicants on the list will be considered for hiring.  If you are on the list but are not hired initially, you may still be considered if another position becomes open later on.  Lists are usually valid for one to two years, and we will notify you when we plan to decertify a list so that you can reapply for that position if you wish. 

  • What are residency points?

The Urbana City Council has established a Residency Preference Program for Civil Service positions, which means that you can receive five additional points to your Civil Service exam score once you have met the minimum qualifications and the passing score.  You are eligible for this program if you have resided in Urbana for 12 months.  To take advantage of this program, you will need to submit documentation of your residency to the Human Resources division before the position closing date.  For more information on this program, please refer to your job application or call the Human Resources division at: (217) 384-2459.

  • How long does the hiring process usually take?

Once a position closes, we will usually notify applicants of their status within two to three weeks.  To make sure you receive a response, you will want to check your e-mail account on a regular basis, and be sure to check your spam filter in case a message has been inadvertently directed there.  If you have not received a response within a few week of the position closing, please call the Human Resources division at: (217) 384-2451 or e-mail Femi Fletcher, Human Resources Generalist, at:

  • I have already tested for a position.  If I apply for a different position, do I need to test again?

Yes!  If you apply for a different position OR if you are not chosen for a position and you reapply for the same position, you WILL need to test again.  If you receive an invitation to test, you will need to test.  If you have already tested and have received notification that you are on a City of Urbana Civil Service Register, you are on the register for only that position and will still need to retest.

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