Lead Fact Sheet


Each year, lead poisoning will affect one in six children under the age of six years in the United States. Although the danger of lead poisoning is primarily thought of as occurring in paint, lead is also found in:

  • vinyl mini-blinds
  • in the glazes on fixtures such as bathtubs
  • in water which has come into contact with lead pipes or solder
  • in soil, especially that which is nearest to foundations of homes with peeling exterior lead-based paint
  • materials used for hobbies
    • fishing bobbers
    • materials used with ceramics and stained glass

The greatest risk of injury from lead poisoning is to children under the age of seven, who are susceptible to lead in very minute amounts. Children who are exposed to lead may suffer such problems as learning disabilities, neuropsychological deficits, and behavior disorders; these problems may not become noticeable until years after their exposure to lead. If a child is suspected of exposure to lead, a simple blood test can be performed which will assess the amount of lead the child has consumed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends testing every child at 12 months of age for lead, and again at 24 months. If a child is at risk of lead exposure, the CDC recommends beginning lead testing at 6 months and retesting more often.

In Illinois, all children beginning daycare, preschool, nursery school, or kindergarten are required to provide proof of a lead test.

For more information

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The Lead Poisoning Prevention Outreach Program:

Materials are available in Spanish and English.
Phone: (800) 424-LEAD

The Alliance to End Childhood Lead Poisoning

600 Pennsylvania Ave., S.E., Suite 100;
Washington, D.C., 20003

The National Center for Healthy Housing

10227 Wincopin Circle, Suite 100,
Columbia, MD 21044
Phone: 410-992-0712
Fax: 410-715-2310

Illinois Department of Public Health

535 West Jefferson St.,
Springfield, Illinois 62761
Phone: 217-782-4977
Fax: 217-782-3987
TTY: 800-547-0466

Champaign-Urbana Public Health District Division of Environmental Health

710 North Neil St., Box 1488,
Champaign, Illinois 61824-1488
Phone: 217-352-7961

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