Commercial Signage Grant Program - Guidelines and Application

What is the Commercial Signage Grant Program?
The Commercial Signage Grant Program provides matching grant funds to businesses to enhance their store fronts with the addition or improvement of commercial signage. Established using Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to provide matching grants to business and commercial property owners who wish to renovate, enhance, and improve highly visible buildings along commercial corridors within the TIF Districts and Philo Road Business District. The primary objective of the Commercial Signage Grant Program is to promote and assist in supporting the City’s businesses by providing grants for replacing and/or adding new signage to commercial storefronts that contribute to the vitality of the area.
The Commercial Signage Grant can be used toward the design, purchase, and installation of a commercial sign. Funds may also be used towards the purchase and installation of awnings, when awnings include a logo and/or business name. Properties eligible for this program must be located in a TIF District or the Philo Road Business District. 
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