Tree Selections

Replant SignOn the Application Form, please indicate: 

  1. a preference from the list of City Selection trees; 
  2. a Heritage Community tree;
  3. a Native Illinois tree;
  4. for the City Arborist to choose the best selection.

City Selections:

Large Trees

Bald Cypress *

Bur Oak **

Chinkapin Oak **

Hackberry **

Kentucky Coffeetree **

Patriot Elm

Swamp White Oak **

Sugar Maple **

Triumph Elm

Tuliptree **


Medium Trees

American Hornbeam **

American Hophornbeam **

Autumn Splendor Ohio Buckeye

Frontier Elm 

Japanese Tree Lilac

Miyabe Maple

Tupelo *

* Native Illinois Selections
** Heritage Community Selections


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