Sewer Repairs

The City is responsible for repairing and maintaining the public sanitary and storm sewer systems.

In Urbana the maintenance of the sanitary and storm sewer service lateral from a house or business up to the connection to the City’s sewer main is the responsibility of the property owner. Section 24-38 Paragraph (c) of the City Code for the City’s policy on sewer service laterals states that “all costs and expenses incident to the installation, connection, repair, and maintenance of the building sewer shall be borne by the owner, and for such purposes, the owner is granted permission to excavate in the public right of way subject to the regulations of the director of public works”. The connection to the main -- typically a tee or wye -- is considered part of the public sanitary sewer and thus the City’s responsibility to maintain. Additional information on sewer lateral pipes is presented on the sanitary back-up webpage.

Property owners may be eligible to participate in the City's Sewer Lateral Pavement Reimbursement Program if their sewer lateral repair is located under sidewalk or street pavement within the City Right-of-Way. The Sewer Lateral Pavement Reimbursement Program allows for the reimbursement to property owners for pavement removal, replacement, and backfilling costs associated with a sewer lateral repair.  Reimbursements are made at a unit price rate based on the quantity of pavement removal and replacement.  This program will not pay for the cost of the sewer lateral itself.  The application form for this program is available at the bottom of this page.

All sewer lateral repairs must obtain a plumbing permit from the City. If the sewer lateral repair is located in City Right-Of-Way (ROW) the property owner or contractor must obtain a ROW permit from the City before beginning work. Property owners typically contract with a sewer excavator or plumber to complete a sewer lateral repair. You can consult the Yellow Pages for a local sewer excavator, sewer contractor or plumber.


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