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CLOSED -Request for Proposals: De-Escalation Training for the Police and the Community (Solicitation #2122-46)



The City of Urbana is seeking proposals from qualified firms to provide de-escalation training for all sworn police officers in the City of Urbana. This training will be supplemental to the standard training that all Urbana police officers recieve at the University of Illinois Police Training Institute. The intent is to continue to reinforce de-escalation as a foundational approach to police/community interaction in the City of Urbana.


The selected respondent team will have the qualifications and staff resources necessary to develop and deliver a curriculum that will reinforce existing skills and develop new approaches to de-escalation for members of law enforcement. The cirriculum should also include a module for community members that explains the type of training recieved by the law enforcement community related to de-escalation, the roles and responsiblities of the parties involved in a given interaction, and the limitations of de-escalation techniques.





Lt. Zachery Mikalik

Police Department

City of Urbana

(217) 384-2320

CLOSED - Invitation to Bid Solicitation #2122-15 Outfit Police Squads

September 21, 2021 - 7:00am to October 5, 2021 - 7:00am

The police department is seeking a vendor to outfit each newly purchased Ford Explorer Police Interceptor or other models for patrol usage based on the department’s specifications and design.  As part of the proposal, the chosen vendor will purchase all the equipment to be installed as well as install the equipment at their facility per manufacturer’s specifications.  The vendor will have the responsibility of following the manufacturer’s specifications and following all state codes as it pertains to installing police/emergency specific equipment into the vehicles.  The vendor will also need to provide a warranty specific to the installation and equipment installed.  The manufacturer’s warranty is sufficient on all equipment. 

CLOSED - Invitation to Bid Solicitation #2122-14 Design and Install Squad Car Graphics

September 21, 2021 - 7:00am to October 5, 2021 - 7:00am

The City of Urbana Police Department is seeking bids for a vendor to submit no less than (3) graphic designs to be installed on the departments new squad car fleet.  Once the design is chosen. The vendor will be responsible for installing the graphics on the squad cars.  The vendor will also be responsible for maintaining the ability to reproduce the graphics and installing them throughout the life cycle of the fleet, which is typically three to five years after the initial installation. Vendors must submit a complete bid to the Urbana Police Department by 9:00 a.m. October 7, 2021.