Urbana Tax Rate Information

General Merchandise

The current sales tax rate on general retail sales in Urbana is 9.000% (Effective 1/1/2014). The rate consists of the following:

  • State 6.250%
  • County Public Safety 0.250%
  • County School Facility 1.000%
  • Home Rule 1.500%
  • Total 9.000%

General merchandise sales tax is remitted directly to State of Illinois. Rates in the City of Urbana for most sales tax purchases consist of the following:

  • State 5.000%
  • City 2.500% (City share of State 1.000% and City Home Rule 1.500%)
  • County 1.5% (County share of State 0.250%, County Public Safety 0.250% and County School Facility 1.000%)
  • Total 9.000%

Use Taxes

Use and service use taxes for Urbana are the following:

  • General merchandise 6.250%
  • Food and drug 1.000%
  • Vehicle 6.250%

Food and Beverage Tax

Food and beverages sold for immediate consumption are taxed at a rate of 11%. The City's tax on food and beverage is 2%.

Packaged Liquor Tax Rate

The packaged liquor tax rate is 3%.

Local Motor Fuel Tax

The current local motor fuel tax rate is 5 cents per gallon.

Hotel/Motel Tax

  • State  6.000%
  • City    7.000%
  • Total 13.000%

Telecommunications Tax

  • State 7.000%
  • City    6.000% 
  • Total 13.000%

Residential Recycling Tax

  • Residential dwelling: $3.25 per dwelling unit per month
  • Dormitory: $2.51 times the residential capacity of the dormitory per month
  • Multi-family dwelling $3.25 per dwelling unit per month

The recycling tax is billed through the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District.  For billing questions, please call (217) 367-3409.

Sewer Use Fee

The sewer use fee shall be determined by multiplying the billed water usage per 100 gallons times one thousand six hundred and two thousandths of a cent ($0.1602) as stated by the UCSD. (Rate applies to billing period beginning next January 1. Refer to Section 24-16 of the Urbana Code of Ordinances). In addition, the sewer use charge is billed through the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District. For billing questions, please call (217) 367-3409.

State information listed on this page can be found at Illinois Tax Rate Finder.

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