Junk Mail

October is junk mail awareness month.  In order to reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail your household receives, you must contact the following organizations to reduce or end the amount of unsolicited mail you receive:

Catalogs, Magazines, Telephone directories, Misc. mail

Catalog Choice

Credit Card & Insurance Offers



National Mailings

Direct Marketing Association

(212) 768-7277, ext. 1888 (for inquiries)

To learn more about all junk mail opt-out options available nationwide, please visit the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse at and click on the link titled, Junk Mail/Faxes/E-mail

Did you know. . . On average, every person in the U.S. receives more than 500 pieces of junk mail annually, in which nearly 50% goes directly into the trash or recycle bin without being opened.

For more information contact U-Cycle at (217) 384-2302

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