Come and See Urbana's Latest Mural!

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New Mural in Downtown Urbana!
Cameron Raab was selected by the Urbana Arts & Culture Commission to be the guest artist for the Urbana Market Mural that was installed on the ground at Urbana’s Market at the Square. Work began on Monday, June 24, 2024, and continued through the week. The final mural was completed by Saturday's Market at the Square, June 29, 2024.

"Thank you to artist Cameron Raab, Arts and Culture Program Specialist Vivian Krishnan, many volunteers and 60 gallons of paint!  Two-hundred and fifty feet of asphalt has become City life," Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin said. 

Cameron is a local artist based in Champaign who uses futuristic and solar-punk imagery paired with bright colors, creating vibrant and dynamic works. His distinctive style blends elements of science fiction with bold, graphic linework making his art a vivid exploration of imaginative worlds.

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