Young Artist's Studio | The Art of Kwanzaa!

Date: December 19, 2021 - 3:00pm

Young Artist's Studio | The Art of Kwanzaa!

Sun. Dec. 19th, 2021 | 3pm-4pm

Join the Urbana Arts and Culture Program and The Urbana Free Library for the next installment of Young Artist's Studio! In this interactive lesson, young creatives will learn about the principals and cultural history of Kwanzaa through the arts as a pre-cursor for a City-wide Kwanzaa celebration (Dec. 26th-Jan. 1st).

Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration held in the United States that honors African heritage in African-American culture. The seven principles (nguzo saba) of Kwanzaa utilize Kiswahili words: unity (umoja), self-determination (kujichagulia), collective work and responsibility (ujima), cooperative economics (ujamaa), purpose (nia), creativity (kuumba), and faith (imani). Each of the seven candles signify the principles. Kwanzaa 365, a community initiative sponsored by an array of local organizations, aims to infuse the principles of Kwanzaa all year long and provide a local celebration of Kwanzaa in our local community. This Young Artist's Studio workshop lends itself to that mission! ​​

The Young Artist's Studio is a series of art workshops sponsored by The Urbana Free Library and The Urbana Arts & Culture Program designed to offer youth an opportunity to explore cultural learning and the arts! All events in the series are free and open to the public. The series is designed for children ages 5 to 11 (7 and under with a caregiver).

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