First Phase of the Public Safety Review Released

Phase 2 BerryDunn

The City of Urbana has been working with BerryDunn, a national consulting firm, for the past year to evaluate itspublic safety service delivery model.     

This project, once fully complete, is intended to produce recommendations to guide the City’s public safety operational practices, and to help shape how the City provides community safety services now and in the future. Please review the Police and Fire Department Staffing Study.   

     The first phase of the project was a Public Safety Services Operational Review and Assessment, which is now available to the public on the City’s website and BerryDunn’s Social Pinpoint site. Highlights of the report include staffing recommendations for both the Police and Fire Departments, service delivery modifications, improved internal and external collaboration, and greater use of technology and analytics for both departments. Please review the Police and Fire Department Staffing Study    

     Those with questions can contact either Mayor Diane Wolfe Marlin or City Administrator Carol Mitten. Additionally, Michele Weinzetl, the project lead from BerryDunn, will attend the Urbana City Council meeting at 7 p.m., on March 25, 2024, and present a summary of the findings of this first phase of the project.

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