#ArtThrives Pole Banners

The Urbana Arts and Culture Program sponsored new #ArtThrives pole banners throughout Downtown Urbana featuring the work of select local artists. The following artists were selected for display:

  • Spinning Out by Ralph Roether
  • Guilt Trip by BLACKMAU (Kamau Grantham and Stacey Robinson)
  • Jaerin and the Fossil File [Paradiso Posse] by Marc-Anthony Macon
  • South Farm No. 9 by K. Hieronymus W.
  • Hosta Takeover by Beth Darling
  • Accidental Pop Art by EKAH/Steampunk Grub
  • Arles Morning by Phil Strang
  • Golden Hour by Carlie Upchurch

Both the artists and their featured artworks are detailed below. 

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