Citizen Police Complaint Information

The Civilian Police Review Board was established by the Urbana City Council to provide a fair and independent process for the review of citizen complaints concerning sworn police officers. The Board is charged with offering a citizen’s perspective to the review of complaints and to provide a systematic means to promote and maintain positive police community relations. The Board will strive to review complaints in a fair, thorough and timely manner and report their findings to the Mayor and Chief of Police.

Mayor Laurel Prussing established a task-force to consider creation of a review board for police complaints. The task force consisted of members from a broad spectrum of the community including city staff, concerned citizens, the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), as well as representatives from community groups. The task force met over a year and issued final written recommendations.

The City and FOP also entered into an agreement concerning the contents of the proposed ordinance with city council approval.

The recommendations of the task force and the FOP have been incorporated into the Civilian Police Review Board Ordinance which was passed by the City Council on August 6, 2007.

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