Fire Safety

Did you know

  • Most fire fatalities and injuries in the U.S. occur in the victim’s own home
  • Two-thirds of all home-fire victims die of smoke inhalation, poisonous gases, or lack of oxygen; not severe burns
  • Cooking is the leading cause of all residential fires and fire injuries
  • Heating equipment is the second leading cause of residential fires
  • More than 40% of fatal home cooking fires occur while the victim(s) are sleeping
  • Careless use of smoking materials is the leading cause of residential fires that result in death

Survival Tips

  • Make sure your family has an escape plan. You can contact the Fire Prevention & Education Office at 217-384-2445 for more information on developing a plan.
  • Sleep with the bedroom door closed. Closed doors provide protection against heat and smoke.
  • Teach everyone in your household to recognize the sound of your smoke alarm.
  • Test doors before opening them. You can easily be overcome by heat, smoke or flames when you open a door to an area where a fire has spread.
  • Use windows as alternate exits.
  • Crawl low under smoke. During a fire, super heated air and toxic gases fill the room from the top down. This leaves a "safety zone" of breathable air about 12 to 24 inches above the floor.
  • Call 9-1-1. Unless you are trapped inside, it’s too dangerous to call from a burning home. Once you have escaped and reported to your meeting place, call 9-1-1 from a neighbor’s telephone.
  • If your clothes catch on fire: STOP, DROP, & ROLL !!!

Should you have any questions regarding fire safety or would like more information on any of these topics, please contact our Fire Prevention & Education Office at 217-384-2445 or email us at

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