Owner/Landlord Responsibilities


Excerpts from the City of Urbana's Property Maintenance Code

The Codes and Ordinances of the City of Urbana require that property owners in the City maintain their properties in accordance with the minimum standards of the Property Maintenance Code as adopted by the City of Urbana. Owner responsibilities include the following:

  1. In buildings with two or more units, maintain and keep clean the shared and public areas of the premises, including the yard.

  2. In buildings with three or more units, supply garbage containers and make arrangements for weekly garbage removal. The containers must have lids.

  3. Supply and maintain the health and safety facilities required by Ordinance for the protection of persons and property.

  4. Maintain buildings in rodent-proof and insect-proof condition.

  5. Arrange and pay for extermination when infestation exists in two or more units of a building or in a shared or public area.

  6. Supply and maintain the equipment for the adequate heating, lighting, and ventilating of the dwelling unit(s).

  7. Supply and maintain fixtures, piping systems, drains, and vents required to provide safe, drinkable, cold water, hot water, and safe, sanitary waste removal.

  8. Supply and maintain the required fire protection facilities for their particular building and its occupants.

  9. Promptly make any and all necessary repairs.




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