Tenant Responsibilities


Excerpts from the City of Urbana's Property Maintenance Code

The Property Maintenance Code of the City of Urbana requires that the tenant of real property cooperate in maintaining their home or apartment and neighborhood in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition. The tenant is required to:

  1. Keep their dwelling clean and sanitary. This refers to the dwelling unit they occupy, and the premises, including the yard if for a single dwelling.

  2. Dispose of all rubbish in a clean, sanitary and safe manner.

  3. See that storage and closets are kept free of combustible materials that might cause fire.

  4. Not place boxes, garbage, or other objects in the hall, or in front of the fire escape.

  5. Drain, wrap, and store all garbage in approved garbage containers and keep the container closed at all times. City Ordinance requires that garbage be picked up at least once a week.

  6. In case rodents and insects are found in the dwelling, cooperate fully with the owner in the extermination efforts.

  7. Keep all supplied fixtures and toilet facilities clean, sanitary, and in operable condition.

  8. See that all the electric service is not overloaded with drop cords and electrical appliances. Do not use fuses exceeding 20 amperes.

  9. Not permit accumulation of trash and refuse within and upon the premises.

  10. Not permit "junk cars" on premises. Inoperable cars may not be left outdoors more than ten (10) days. (Call Public Works at 384-2416 for disposal).

  11. Maintain smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in working order.

  12. Keep fire extinguisher easily accessible.


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