Boneyard Creekway Commissioner

The Boneyard Creek Commissioner is appointed by the Mayor to assist in the administration of the Creekway Permit system in the Boneyard Creek District, as set forth in Section XIII-4 of the Zoning Ordinance. According to Section XIII-4.G, the Zoning Administrator shall --  after consultation with the City Engineer and the Boneyard Creek Commissioner --  be authorized to administratively grant certain Creekway Permits based on specific conditions and requirements set forth. Upon such determination, the Zoning Administrator shall make written notification to the Plan Commission, City Council, and Mayor of the pending issuance of the permit. Within ten (10) calendar days of the transmittal of the notice, any elected or appointed official may appeal the Zoning Administrator’s decision in writing, in accordance with Section XIII-4.N. The Boneyard Creek Commissioner, along with appropriate City staff, shall also review and submit recommendations regarding Boneyard Creek permits that have been referred to the Plan Commission under Section XIII-4.I.

The Boneyard Creek Commissioner shall be a resident of the City of Urbana and shall be appointed based upon his/her qualifications, including education and experience in evaluating plans and evidence submitted. The Boneyard Creek Commissioner shall serve a term of three (3) years.

There are no regularly scheduled meetings. The Administrative Committee meets as needed when any development is proposed in the Boneyard Creek District.

Boneyard Creek Application Form

1978 and 2008 Boneyard Creek Master Plan


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Teri Andel - Planning Administrative Assistant
(217) 384-2440

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