Building Safety

The Building Safety Division ensures that new construction and remodeling is constructed in accordance with current building standards and enforces property maintenance code regulations in relation to health and life safety issues.

Major Activities of the Building Safety Division:

  • Ensures the construction and remodeling of facilities are in compliance with various International, State and local codes and ordinances which includes inspection of all building construction
  • Provides technical assistance to developers, contractors, and property owners on zoning and construction requirements and methods
  • Issues electrical contractor licenses 
  • Issues sign permits
  • Issues fence permits (fence ordinance)
  • Issues permits for all construction activities covered by model codes and maintains records of all previously issued permits
  • Inspects sanitary sewer installations for properties within the City limits and within 1½ miles of City limits per agreement with the Sanitary District
  • Upgrades or eliminates substandard housing and preserves existing housing properties from deterioration through enforcement of the City's zoning, property maintenance, rental registration and building codes (summary of landlord/tenant ordinance)
  • Performs annual inspections for U/I certified housing
  • Issues mobile home certificate of occupancy permits and mobile home park licenses


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