Financial Services

Major Activities of the Financial Services Division:

  • Process and disburse approximately 6,000 payments to vendors and other entities following appropriate procedures
  • Process and disburse approximately 6,000 payroll checks
  • Maintain and manage various financial record-keeping systems for the City
  • On a daily basis, ensure that all available City cash is deposited and invested
  • Perform centralized purchasing for certain office products that are utilized by all City departments such as letterhead, computer paper, copy paper, printer supplies, office product maintenance contracts and computer supplies
  • Collect and account for special assessment annual billings in accordance with State law and Court order
  • Bill, collect and account for approximately 8,300 single-family and 1,500 multi-family recycling tax billings
  • Collect and account for monthly locally imposed food and beverage tax, hotel/motel tax, utility tax and telecommunications tax remittances
  • Perform certain data processing and financial services for other local governments (Library, Park District and Cunningham Township) on a cost-reimbursement basis
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