Information Technology

Major Activities of the Information Services Division:

  • Provide user support and training for installed software and hardware for other City departments
  • Assist all departments in identifying new electronic information technologies that may assist them in performing their duties
  • Prepare and recommend an annual and long-term City data processing plan to efficiently manage the City’s data-processing resources
  • Design, purchase and install new personal computer systems for all city departments
  • Assist elected officials in representing the City in meetings with outside agencies and community groups regarding connectivity of computerized information systems
  • Perform in-house programming on the City’s AS/400 Computer System software
  • In conjunction with the Police Department, manage a multi-agency computerized police records information system
  • Supervise the operation of the Urbana Public Television Channel and related programs
  • Provide various information services to related governments (Park District, Library, Township) under a cost-reimbursement basis
  • Administer the City’s Document Storage and Retrieval System
  • Administer the City's website.
  • Administer the City's Open Data websites.
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