Mission (1890-1920)

Joseph Royer House - 801 W Oregon StJoseph Royer House - 801 W Oregon St

The Mission style is considered the Californian counterpart of Georgian inspired Colonial Revival style in eastern United States. Californian architects turned to the region’s Hispanic heritage for inspiration, borrowing typical Hispanic design elements such as shaped parapets, arches, and quatrefoil windows to adorn traditional building forms. In early examples, twin bell towers and elaborate arcades were reproduced; in others, features from the contemporary Craftsman and Prairie movements were imitated. The style originated in California and was most popular in the southwestern states.


Key identifying features include the mission shaped dormer or roof parapet, red tile roof coverings, wide overhanging eaves, an open arched porch supported by large square piers, and smooth stuccoed wall surfaces. Variations in the design of the mission shaped parapet, the presence of carved stonework or some design of surface adornment, and cantilevered narrow tiled roof segments are other typical features of this building style.

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