West Urbana Special Parking Zone Permit Provisions

Special Parking Permits are authorized only to residents and owners of property in the West Urbana Parking Zone as defined in Ordinance #2002-068. A parking permit issued on the basis of a false representation of residency, or purchase of the permit by a resident for non-resident, is a nulity and such person shall be charged with a violation of the ordinance, fined provided therein up to $500.00, and the dwelling unit address will be ineligible to obtain any parking permit issued by the City of Urbana for a period of 12 months.

The unlawful display of any altered, facsimile or likeness of a Special Parking Permit is subject to fines and penalties set forth in the City of Urbana Code of Ordinances.

Permits are assigned to a specific person and vehicle and cannot be transferred or sold to any other person or vehicle. Missuse of a permit is subject to the fines and penalties set forth in the City of Urbana Code of Ordinances.

Partial year refunds for permits no longer needed are made according to the City of Urbana Schedule of Fees. The permit must be returned to receive a refund.

Replacement permits are issued under certain circumstances, such as the purchase of a new vehicle. The current permit should be removed prior to sale of the vehicle and presented to the Finance Department along with the vehicle registration for the new vehicle at the time a replacement permit is requested.

All permits, annual and temporary, must be affixed in the appropriate location depending on your vehicle make. Annual permits must be affixed by removing the protective covering on the face of the permit and attaching it to the inside of the window. Annual permits taped to the window or not positioned in the correct place will result in the issuance of tickets that are valid.

The term of annual Special Parking Permits is August 1st of the current year to August 14th of the following year. 

Additional Provisions

Only vehicles displaying valid permits issued to residents living within a three (3) block radius of the Urbana High School Zone, as defined below, shall be allowed to park within the Urbana High School Zone:

  • 200-400 Blocks of Michigan
  • 200-400 Blocks of Indiana
  • 200-400 Blocks of Iowa
  • 1000-1100 Blocks of Garfield
  • 1000-1100 Blocks of Douglas
  • 900 and 1200 Blocks of Carle

This permit:

  • does not exempt the vehicle from other parking regulations including Urbana's 72 hour ordinance requiring that vehicles move every 72 hours;
  • does not reserve a specific on-street parking place;
  • is valid only for on-street parking in the West Urbana Special Parking Zone.
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